How Does Our System Work?

We work closely with hand picked private driving instructors from all three driving schools;  Bukit Batok Driving School(BBDC), Comfort Driving School(CDC) and  Singapore Safety Driving School(SSDC). As a result, we have a growing list of qualified and experienced driving instructors that can teach both manual(Class 3) and automatic transmission(class 3A).

Use our interactive signup form found below so that we can tailor the best instructor for you. This is determined by the location, timing you would like to learn: Off peak/ peak, type of transmission and whether you would like a mandarin/ english speaking instrcutor. make a one time discounted rate of $79 instead of $100-200 via credit/debit/paypal, and we will inform you within 2 working days which instructor has been allocated to you!

You’ll receive an email with all the information needed. Contact the instructor we have provided you and arrange your first lesson. You dont have to pay any other fees such as enrollment fees because you have already paid through us!

What Are Our Rates?

Our rates are derived from the instructors directly and we do not mark up on any price. payment of lessons is to the private driving instructor directly.

Class 3 / Class 3C


Up to

Class 3A / Class 3CA


Up to

Refresher Lessons


Up to

Why Sign up Through us?

Save Your Time

Instead of wasting your time going down to the school to find an instructor you do not even know. You can get your instructor in 2 working days using our service.

What Are Our Rates?

The rates for our instructors are as follows and is dependent on peak periods:

Class 3(Manual) = up to $40

Class 3A(Automatic) = up to $45

Who Are Our Instructors

We have over 20 instructors working closely with us across the 3 driving schools. They teach both automatic and manual transmission and have over 20 years of experience.

What’s this Enrollment Fee?

While most private instructors charge you $150-$200 for enrollment. We charge a one time flat fee of $79 dollars. Our instructors will not ask you for a repeat fee. Click here to find out about our instructor’s rates