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At all locations. BBDC, SSDC and CDC and both Class 3 Class 3 and Class 3A transmission. Refresher lessons as well.


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If you are looking at this page for the first time, This is the only service you will need to get your first driving lessons. Before you check out what do we do, check out our successful students with their driving licenses.

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We have also a huge driving instructor list that we work with extensively across all driving schools. Bukit Batok Driving centre, Singapore Safety Driving School as well as Comfort Driving School. We also have both transmissions available so we can cater to practically any type of student. Second time student? No issue at all. We also have dedicated instructors that provides refresher lessons. Our driving instructors are all professional drivers that have many years of driving experience. Far more than the ones from the driving schools. In fact, most of the driving school instructors were taught by these very private driving instructors. Our instructors can provide driving lessons from 1 hour to 1.5hours depending on their schedule. The driving lessons are very constructive and the progression of lesson is tailored according to what you have learnt. 

The estimated duration needed to get your driving license is about 3 months with us!

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