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Refresher lessons are unique because they cater mostly to individuals who have not been driving for a long time or if they need to retake their class 3 license for whatever reason it was revoked. Foreigners or permanent residents who would like to drive in Singapore are also highly encouraged to take a few lessons in order to get a feel of difference from their home countries. Singapore’s traffic is unique due to our geological constrain our roads can be quite congested especially during peak hours, our roads are left hand drive and we do not have freeways but rather, highways that are limited to 90km/h. Our traffic law is also very strict which encourages drivers to comply with the laws. For example, in order to get your license revoked, you only need to get more than 20 demerit points within 2 years. Running a red light will slap you with a hefty fine as well as 12 demerit points.

How Long Are the Lessons and the Requirements

The lessons usually span between 1.5 hours to 2 hours and the instructor will first have an interview with your current driving experience. If you feel gusty and have the confidence as well as a legit Singapore class 3/class 3A license, you can also have the option to go onto the highway to practice driving at high speeds. Alternatively if you have trouble parking you can also opt for parking practice for either parallel parking or reverse parking. If you do not have a valid class 3A or class 3 license, you will need to get a minimum pass of basic theory test(BTT) as well as a valid Provisional Driving License(PDL). 

Do note that pick up services are not available and these remedial classes costs more than the normal driving lessons. We do not mark up the cost in anyway whatsoever. Normal driving lessons are usually subsidized already whereas refresher lessons are not. In addition, the instructor will definitely need you to take at least 3-5 lessons so that you can be fully familiar with the driving conditions in Singapore as well to make it worthwhile for the instructor to teach you. Sign up now for a quick and no hassle registration which will only take 2 minutes.


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  1. Interested in refresher course.

    • Certainly. We have refresher lessons for all schools and at all locations. Just sign up with us and we will refer you to an instructor within 48 hours based on your requirements.

  2. I’m unable to convert my India driving license due to a discrepancy. Just cleared BTT and obtained PDL from CDC UBI. Please let me know the process and how many lessons i need to take before appearing for PDT. what are the charges?
    I stay in Tiong Bahru and my work location is Pasir Panjang. what is the nearest pick up available if those doesn’t suit?

  3. Hi will the cars be provided? If so, which brand?

    • Asian Brands Mostly, Honda City, Mitsubishi Lancer , Nissan Sunny, Toyota Altis are the main brands.

  4. I am looking for refresher classes please suggest

  5. Hi,
    Please advise the overall charges for a refresher course for auto vehicle. What is the procedure and what is the minimum lessons that I have to sign up.
    FYI, I used to drive manual class 3 lorry but have stopped for about 2 years.

    • Hello Winnie, for refresher there is no minimum amount of lessons 🙂
      the rates would be from at least $40 – to a maximum of $60/ hour depending on location.
      Do let us know if we have answered all your enquiries
      thank you!


  6. Hi, please advise how much does it cost per hour for refresher course on Saturdays (didn’t drive for over 10 years) and staying at bukit panjang but might prefer to take the course somewhere in MacRitchie as I would be there on every Sat morning. Thank you!

    • Hello Jennifer can I check would you like auto / manual?
      Also most of my Instructors would be picking up from SSDC (Woodlands) and UBI (Eunos)

      Thank you!


  7. Hi I’d like to sign up for refresher course but using my own car. is that possible? Thanks.

    • hey , this is only possible after the 2nd or 3rd lessons.
      We do have instructors available at woodlands and eunos for refresher classes.

  8. Hi! I wanted to sign up for refresher course. I would prefer to take up lessons at Bukit Batok, however I saw at the sign up page that BBDC(Auto) is only available for Mon-Fri 5pm. There’s no weekends class for BBDC auto refresher?

  9. Hi, please advise how much does it cost per hour for refresher course on Saturdays (didn’t drive for over 10 years) and staying at woodlands. Is there additional cost to be picked up at woodlands? Is there registration fees? Is there minimum number of lessons for refresher course? When is the earliest I can start my lesson? Possible to drive the instructor’s car for the first lesson and my own car for the 2nd lesson? Thank you!

    • Do take a look at our refresher lessons page. There will definitely be an extra charge if you would like to be picked up at woodlands. The registration fee is 65 dollars which is much cheaper than outside rates at $70 to $100. There is a minuimum of about 3-4 lessons. You will have to drive the instructor’s car. if you would like toi drive your own car you will have to arrange privately with the instructor.

  10. If i signed up today, when can i start the refresher course?
    Can it be arranged this week – off peak hours?

    • Hi Amanda,
      This will depend on the availability of the instructors. Most of the instructors will be fully book for the current week so i would suggest booking about 2-4 weeks in advance.

  11. Do you have any instructor staying at Balestier / Novena / Whampoa area for refresher driving lessons? I wish to refresh driving skills in Class 3 automatic car. Thanks!

    • Hi Tan,
      Sorry but all of our drivers will only do their lessons in the vicinity of the driving schools. this is to facilitate better starting adn ending of lessons for other students.

  12. Hi, please advise how much does it cost per hour for auto car refresher course weekdays (didn’t drive at all after getting class 3 license more than 10 years ago). Is the liaising on time and duration of each lesson, done between ourselves and the allocated instructor?

  13. Hi, I would like to check with you refresher course need to apply PDL ?

    • If you have your class 3 or class 3A license you won’t need it but if you don’t you will have to apply for a PDL in order to start practical lessons

  14. Hi, If i signed up today, when can i start the refresher course?

  15. Hi,
    My australia driving license has expired and I would need to obtain my license in Singapore by 1st week of Nov. Could you please provide some advice as the public driving centre had advice me that the quickest way is to go through private instructor.

    • Hi Gwen,

      Thank you for your message.

      You can register with us online via to register as a private student and start lessons to familiarise with our road and traffic conditions.

      Getting a licence by 1st week November is considered much too rushed even in the private sector.
      If your booking timings are very flexible and you can learn at anytime as per the instructors available date/time, it might be possible to get one within Nov/Dec 2016.

      Please email for speedier replies or assistance.
      Thank you, Aly 🙂

  16. Hi, I have been driving manual Class 3 for years and would like to try out an auto car for one lesson. I read that the rates are $40-$60/hour. How much is it for peak hours? Also, the registration fee of $65, is non-refundable and would not be reimbursed back to you, is that right? Thanks.

  17. hi, just to check if the instructor will be picking and dropping me up at my place or a common location? what would the course structure be like for each lesson?

    • Hi Jin,

      Thank you for your message.

      Instructors have a standard pickup and drop off point.
      We will provide our students options to choose from nearest available points.
      Refresher courses are catered to students whom wish to retake their licence and/or build their confidence after a period of non driving on the road.
      It can be tailored to your needs, i.e. parallel parking, reverse parking, blind spots etc.
      If you have certain weak points, just let the instructor know beforehand and he will guide you accordingly.

      You can register online with us at and we can help assign you one. 🙂
      Thank you.

      Warmest regards, Aly 🙂

  18. Hi, I would like to take auto car refresher course in weekdays (about 3 lessons). I am living in Jurong East area. How much is the price?

  19. Hi. I have been learning through school. I have attempted TP 3 times but failed. Just due to accumulation of points. No immediate failures. It has been been 3 months I last drove and I am no longer a student at CDC. Will a refresher course be suitable for me?

    • Hi Jam,

      Thank you for your message.
      Based on your information, it seems the mistakes may have been very careless ones. It will be advisable to learn consistently from one same instructor. This is so that the instructor will be able to point out your mistakes/weak points and help you learn faster so you can pass.

      If you are keen to sign up, please register via or email for faster replies.

      Thank you, Aly 🙂

  20. My drink driving ban will be up on December 4th 2016. I would like to know what is the procedure/requirement for the amount of lessons I have to take (either private or school) after passing my BTT . What is the average time frame for an ex traffic offender like myself to get back a license?

  21. Hi,

    My drink driving ban will be over on December 4th 2016. I would like to enquire how many lesson I have to take with private driving instructors (is there an express course?) after passing my BTT.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Wayne,

      Thank you for your message.

      pertaining to your query, please register via http://www.privatedriving to advice if you are taking Auto/Manual and at which Centre BBDC/SSDC/CDC you intend to take your TP. I will attend to your queries from there on.

      We have various courses available for you.

      Thank you,
      Aly :)?

  22. Hi I am looking for refresher course. I have not driven in 10years after getting my license. Is there pick up from bukit panjang area?

  23. Hi, I recently failed my first TP test (manual), and would like to sign up. I reckon I need about 5-7 more lessons to practice before my next test. Would the instructor be ok if i sign up under normal driving lessons and he only teach me for about 7 lessons? BTW I read on the page that there is no manual instructor that is available on weekends and after 6pm. Does that still stand? Thanks!

    • Hi, Most likely you will have to sign up under the refresher lessons which also means it will be more costly. as for the question on lessons available on weekends, as it stands the status quo still stands.

  24. I read on your site that manual instructors are not available on weekends and after 6pm. Are they still not available?
    Also, my previous instructor drove an honda city. Am i able to request or at least indicate my interest on the kind of car i would like to be matched with? Thanks!

    • Hi,
      They are mostly not available as they are usually reserved for NSFs who are learnign driving. they normally are only able to book out during the weekends. Sorry but you will not e able to indicate your interest for what kind of car.

  25. Hi, i’d like to sign up for a refresher. Auto car. Prefer learning in Punggol. Possible?

    Have my own car (Japanese MPV). Pls advise rates and availability. Thanks.

  26. hello, do you have refresher lessons for manual van?

    • Hi Kelly,

      Thank you for your message.
      We noted that you have signed up for our Refresher course.

      Have fun and stay safe driving again in the road! 🙂

  27. Hi, i’d like to sign up for a refresher. Manual car. I am staying at Pasir Panjang.
    Pls advise rates and availability. Thanks.

  28. Hi
    I would like to sign up for a refresher course (Auto car), I’m staying at Sembawang, please advice on the rate and timing?

  29. Jeffrey Heng

    Hi, I would like to check if there is any package for refresher course for my wife during the June School Holidays, prefer weekday.

    Location: Senja Road
    Car Type: Honda Vezel (auto)

    As i would be travelling overseas pretty often, she need to use my car to send kid to Jurong west. Can the refresher course include road familiarization from Senja road to Jurong west & back home?

    Please advice. Thank you.

  30. Hi,
    I am keen to attend auto car refresher course. I didn’t drive at all after getting my class 3 license, already more than 15 years ago. Where is the pick up location? Do you have any instructor staying at Taman Jurong? How much does it cost per hour ? (prefer to learn in jurong).
    Please advise. Thank you.

  31. Yati Rahim

    Hi, I am interested to learn parking.. haven’t been confident to parallel park.. what’s the rates for that? Thank u in advance

  32. Hi,
    I would like to take up refresher course. Is there any pick up point at choa chu kang. What will be the charges for Manual. Is there any peak hour charges.

  33. Hello, is Pasir Ris Mrt one of the pickup location for refresher course(Class 3A)?

  34. Hi,
    I am living in Bukit Panjang area and recently got license. But I would like to practice more on the road, especially entering/exiting from highway, which is not included in previous lessons and test.

    Is there a pickup location near Bukit Panjang and can I start the lessons there too, so to save the transport time?


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