Our rates are highly competitive and are constant for both automatic transmission and manual transmission. Without factoring in GST, students can save more by opting to go with private driving instructors. For more information of what are our rates or if you would like to know more about the benefits of private driving instructors over driving schools, do take a look at the table below.

TheΒ standard market prices ranged is $30 to $38 per hour for Peak lessons (First-Time learners without license)

For refresher lessons (clients with Class 3/3A license already), it would be at least $50 per hour up to a $200 per minimum 3hour block.

You are strongly recommended to check out our FAQ page here for more details.


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  1. muhammad syafiie

    So the enrollment fees is $70. $28-$34 per hour. Does it includes the instructor fees as well?

  2. Sim Si Hui


    Understand that each lesson take about 90 mins, but your rate is $28 to $32per hour. Thus does this mean that for a 90mins lesson, the fee will be more? If yes, how much is the cost for 90mins.

    Please advise!

  3. Sim Si Hui


    Understand that each lesson take about 90mins,but your rate is about $28 to $34 per hour. Thus, does this mean I have to pay additional for 90mins courses? If so how much will it cost.

    Please advise

    • Majority of lessons are 60 minutes but you can request from the instructors for 1.5 hours. the cost will be from 48dollars to about 52 dollars depending on transmission type and location. These prices are set by the instructors that is why there is a range in prices.Some instructors charge differently

  4. Hi, will you do pickup and deliver to home?

    • hi. Because the instructors have a really packed schedule. they normally do not do pickup and send you back you back to your home. You will have to go to the specific locations to learn from the instructors depending on the location

  5. Hi, is there any instructor located in punggol/sengkang?

    • sorry we don’t have any instructors at that location. You will have to go down to the driving schools in order to learn from the instructors. It is inconvenient for the instructors when they need to teach the next student which is why they do not normally do pickups


  6. Siti Nur Fadhillah

    Hi….i already have my class 3A n would like to take a manual license…. already applied for PDL….. do i still hv to go thru between 20-25 lessons like d sch or it depends on my ability to learn fast? FYI im 30wks pregnant n got a letter frm my gynae for d practical lessons….. how do i go about getting a private instructor? Preferably female if possible….

    • Hi Siti,
      To be honest driving a manual car is a total different ball game from an automatic transmission car. It is really great that you decided to gowith a private driving instructor because they will be able to gauge your progress and also probably allow you to skip lessons if you are well versed with driving. There is very very few female private driving instructors in Singapore and we do not have any female instructors in our database i’m afraid. That said our instructors are all very professional in conduct and you can rest assure you will be in safe hands. Do sign up with us in the contact us page if you want to take the step forward. and we will get back to you within 48h.

  7. Hi,

    I will like to check if there any driving instructor rates between $28-$32? If yes, please do tell me more details about the registration? is there any meeting point or fetching my place as I’m staying in Bt Batok area. Thanks

    • Hi Sabrina,
      The rates you mentioned for $28-$32 dollars are rates for about 3 -4 years ago. Since then the price has gone up due to the cost of cars. The price is now about $32-$36 depending on off peak and on peaks. The meeting place is at BBDC the ESSO petrol station or at bukit gombak MRT carpark.

  8. Hi, do you have any driving instructors located in the West for weekday morning lessons? Also, where will the lesson be conducted? Would like to confirm before making payment for registration.

    • Hi Eleanor.
      We do have driving instructors for both manual and automatic at the petrol station next to BBDC as well as bukit gombak MRT station carpark. Do inform us if you have any other questions.

  9. Hello,
    I’m looking for instructors around Ang Mo Kio/Yio Chu Kang area that are registered with SSDC, Off peak hours preferred. Do you have anyone that fits the bill?
    If I ever want to change the instructor assigned to me because of things like.. he’s always late, ending the lesson earlier than stated or has a bad attitude, what are the implications?

  10. Hi,
    What is the rate for car rental for driving test?
    And if I dislike my instructor, is it possible to change to another one?


    • it is about $150. sorry but we highly discourage people to change instructor. It is unfair to the instructor. If you find an instructor on your own you will only be able to switch instructor after paying another registration fee.

      • But what if I do have valid claims and evidence that the instructor is being unreasonable?

        Even though it may be unfair to change instructors as you’ve said, it is also unfair for the student who is paying for the lessons and not getting a proficient teacher.

        Thank you very much.

  11. Hi,

    Do you have any instructors located in the Marine Parade area? I am working and would like to know if I can commence lessons after 7 pm in the area live in i.e. Marine Parade.

    Please advise.

    Thank You

  12. Is there any available private instructor at bbdc? Im staying at bukit batok. What is the rate for one time registration? Also mayb i know what is the rate per hr? Do i need to take 1.5 hr? Is it possible if i choose to take only 1hr per session?

  13. Hi! Can I check the pick-up location for SSDC Class 3A license? Any available instructors for weekday evening and weekend?

  14. Hi can u help me check if u have available instructors in the west for auto transmission? And what is the rate for the available instructor because i understand that it is a range from 30-38 per hour. Thanks

  15. Hi, is there knows how much does it cost to book only TP test alone ?

  16. Timothy Tay

    Hi there,

    This is Tim. I am not a first time learner. I studied driving in Australia, using an auto Lancer 2 years ago. Do I do the first time course again, or is there something else. I am quite keen to restart my learning and then attempt & pass in Sept/Oct before my Perth, Australia trip.

    Hope you can clear this up as I am very interested in what you are offering; please email directly on my provided one below. Thx.

    • Hi TImothy,
      It really depends how much you have learnt in Australia. I am unable to gauge for you whether you should learn as a refresher student or as a first timer. Do note that the Singaporean Traffic police is much stricter so i will highly recommend you to learn as a first timer. Subsequently the instructor will access your learning rate and advance you accordingly. As for your attempt to pass in Sept/Oct. i feel it is highly impossible. The waiting time just to book the TP test is already about 1.5 months. Considering what you need to learn i do not think you will be able to make it in that time line.

  17. Hi, are there automatic driving instructors for BBDC area after 7 pm on weekdays and on weekend mornings? And if after paying the registration fee, I am unable to accommodate to the instructor’s schedule, can I request for another instructor?

    • Hi WY,
      Just want to give you a heads up about the current situation nation wide. All locations have a lack of instructors from 7pm onwards including schools. I even heard school rejecting students because of the demand. Our instructors normally stop teaching from 6pm onwards in order to have some work life balance. As such, i will recommend you to try to keep your schedule open. If not you will probably have to wait indefinitely for an on-peak instructor to teach you.

      • Hi, thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, I have to work and my working hours only end at 5.30 pm, so there is no way I can have lessons before 6 pm, since my work place is quite a distance away. In view of this, should I still proceed to register and pay the registration fee?

  18. Just to check on the availability for class 3A private instructor on the ‘off peak/ peak period’ on these days (Monday, Tuesday and alternate Wednesday). Location @ BBDC

    I stay around ‘boon keng mrt’ area. Do you have instructor to teach over at that location, or I am require to travel to BBDC to learn.

    • hi Koh, if you stay boon keng i would recommend you to take lessons at Eunos (CDC) where we do have instructors available.

  19. Hi,
    Do you have any instructor (auto) available 730pm onwards on weekdays? BBDC area

    • Hello Ian, we do not have any instructors currently for auto after 730pm , all instructors are available from Mon-fri till 6pm. For auto instructors nearby BBDC i would recommend woodlands, we do have instructors that teach beyond 6pm.
      Do let us know if you have other enquiries.

  20. Hi, may I know if you have malay instructor at bb?

    • Hi Mezzy,
      Yes we do have instructors for both auto and manual transmission. Do sign up to avoid disappointment. Slots are running out fast.

  21. Hafiz Faizal

    Hi, do you have auto instructors near ubi after 5pm on weekdays? Want to double check before registering.

  22. Melody Yuri Sugita

    Hi, may I know what is the hourly rate and 1.5 hour rate for first time drivers (just got PDL and passed BTT)? Will be interested in taking up Manual, preferably tested at Ubi CDC.

  23. Hi

    Are there pick-up arrangement OR where are the pick-up points? I am staying in the East, registered in CDC (totally new from driving). Currently, I have PDL for another 5mths plus. Is there any instructor in the east and available for lessons after 6.30pm on weekdays and weekends ( anytime) ? I am ready to start my lesson anytime from this week or latest 1 Sep 16.


  24. Hi, do you have any instructor available at tiong bahru area?
    Thank you.

    • Hi Carol,

      Thank you for your message.
      We do not have any at Tiong Bahru. Most instructors are located near their driving centres, namely Bukit Gombak, Ubi and Woodlands.
      To help you better, please email pdienquiries@gmail.com and kindly advise if you intend
      1) to learn Auto or Manual drive,
      2) require Bilingual or Mandarin speaking instructor,
      3) Non Peak (weekdays, morning till 5pm) OR Peak (weekdays after 5pm and weekends)

      I will handle your case for you. πŸ™‚ Aly

  25. Hi, my test centre is at cdc. I am a full time working adult and end work at 6.30pm. Do u have any driving Instructors that are available to teach on weekdays at 7.30pm and weekends anytime? The faq page did not address this and it seems from the earlier questions posted that there are very limited Instructors that can accommodate such timings for working adults.

  26. Hi

    Any chance there’ll be 3A English lessons for CDC?

  27. Hi

    I am coming back to Singapore from Sydney for a few months to obtain my auto license. I am keen on starting lessons after 9th September onwards. Could a PDI be arranged for that at Ubi CDC? I’m looking for 2-3 times a week with 2 lessons at 1 go.

    • Hi Sisi,

      We have available instructors at Ubi CDC for Auto drive.

      Most instructors are booked at least two weeks ahead with their current batch of students.
      However, if you are learning Non Peak hours for weekdays before 5pm, it will be easier for the instructor to accommodate you soon.
      You can request to start for 2 times a week and thereafter 2-3 times a week.
      They take a maximum of 120 minutes per session.
      It will be extremely tiring as a new driver to learn at a 4 hour session. As such, may I would recommend instead that if you want to take more lessons, to arrange at least 90mins break in between.

      Arrangements for bookings can be made after full registration at http://www.privatedrivinginstructors.com.
      Welcome back and look forward to matching an instructor for you soon!

      Aly πŸ™‚

  28. Dear Privatedrivinginstructors.com, may I please ask what is the normal waiting time to have the first driving lesson after registration? Thanks.

    • Hi ZJ,
      For a start after payment we will normally take 2 working days to process and allocate you an instructor. After which you can proceed to book your first lesson with the instructor. The instructor will usually have free slots about two weeks from the current date. be sure to book early to prevent disappointment..

  29. Kindly get back to me, whose name shd i indicate to pay thru ibanking for the advance payment?

    • Hi Nur Ain,
      You can actually use our sign up page to pay using either a paypal account or a debit/credit card. Do

  30. Hi. I just want to check with you that, if I already have find a private instructor. Do I still need to pay $65 and register ?????. Kindly please reply me ASAP. Thanks

    • Hi Farzana,
      If you have a new isntructor but you have not started any lessons with him, you can learn with our instructors. Our registration fee is cheaper than the average registration fee of instructors working outside.

      However if you have paid with our system and we have allocated you with an instructor, we won’t be able to do a refund for you.

      If you have an instructor of your own outside you just have to liaise with the instructor himself/herself.

    • Hi Farzana,

      If you have been assigned a private instructor from ue, you do not have to register and pay $65.00 again.
      To clear your doubts, you can write to pdienquiries@gmail.com and I will personally check for your registration form.

      Thank you and happy weekend! πŸ™‚ Aly

  31. Hi, can I ask? For SSDC, under manual, is there any instructor? And how much would I have to pay at once? Enrolment fee+hourly rate and when I learn with the instructor do I have to pay for car rental or?

  32. Hi, can I ask? For SSDC, under manual, is there any instructor? And how much would I have to pay at once? Enrolment fee+hourly rate and when I learn with the instructor do I have to pay for car rental o

    • Hi David,

      Thank you for your messsage.
      Yes, there are instructors at SSDC for Manual drive learning. You need to pay only $65.00 to register with us at http://www.privatedrivinginstructors.com
      . There is no enrolment fee. The hourly rates ranges from $28-34 for Non peak and Peak hours, this hourly charges includes the use of instructor’s vehicle. The only time you need to pay for the vehicle rental is during your TP test.
      Hope the above info helps.Look forward to hearing from you soon! Aly πŸ™‚

  33. What is the contact for your company?

  34. hi, just want to know if you have any female instructors?

    • Hi Shreen,

      Thank you for your message.

      There is a very low percentile of female instructors. We do not have any in our list.

      We do have honest, reliable male instructors and with many good feedbacks. If you are keen and would like to know more, please email pdienquiries@gmail.com for speedier replies.

      Thank you, Aly πŸ™‚

  35. Hi, can i know whether you have any instructor in Paya Lebar or Yishun? How much will i be charged for 1.5 Hrs for lesson at 6.30pm? Thanks

    • Hi Do take a look at our rates page. we do not have instructors in paya lebar or yishun. the instructors are only located near the driving schools and they do not do pick ups. this is to facilitate ease of conducting lessons for other students.

  36. Hi, I have registered for a private instructor through this website on august and I have been through 6 lessons with him. However, the instructor has been avoiding my contacts and lessons with me so i wish to change to another instructor. Do I still need to pay the enrolment fees or will it be waived ?

  37. hi, any contact number to call? and also, how much is your total tp test cost?

  38. Hi, why must i pay $55 for 1.5hr. I thought it should be lesser than that. I am learning manual.

  39. Hi is there any private instructors at amk/yck area after 5pm onwards?

    • Hi Farhana,
      For on peak periods which is from weekdays 5pm onwards and weekends(entire day) is very packed. Therefore if you do want to secure lessons you will have to book about 3-4 weeks in advance. Therefore this is something we cannot really confirm. If you are learning off peak however, the slots are available and you can easily secure a lesson within 1 week.

  40. Hi,

    Can I check on the availability of lessons for auto on weekdays after 7pm before I make any payment?

    My preferred driving test centre is BBDC.

    When will be the earliest I can commence?

    Thank you

    • Hi Marcus,
      For on peak periods which is from weekdays 5pm onwards and weekends(entire day) is very packed. Therefore if you do want to secure lessons you will have to book about 3-4 weeks in advance. Therefore this is something we cannot really confirm. If you are learning off peak however, the slots are available and you can easily secure a lesson within 1 week.

  41. Hi,

    I was wondering if I chose to learn at SSDC, does that mean that it will be a private instructor that teaches me around woodlands area/SSDC circuit area? Where will the pick up location be if I want to learn at SSDC area? How does your system works?

    – I’ve passed my BTT/FTT and have attained a PDL and I’m looking for an instructor that teaches Auto –

    • Hi Nur,

      Thank you for your message.

      We have Auto drive instructors available to teach. Pick up is avaialble at various MRT including Admiralty MRT or you can choose to meet the instructor at SSDC.

      With private instructors, you simply call to book a lesson, turn up for your lesson and pay in cash for the lesson.

      Hope it helps.

      You can register via http://www.privatedrivinginstructors.com and I will be able to assist you.

      Thank you,
      Aly πŸ™‚

  42. Hi,

    Do you have available instructors from now (immediate), class 3A, for both peak and off peak?

    I would like to avoid registering and not having instructors available.

    • Hi Sally,

      we do not have instructor whom are available immediately. This is because most good instructors would have their current students whom have booked them ahead of time. The instructors will not cancel current students booking just to allocate new students.

      As such, bookings are first come first serve basis. We will allocate new students instructors and the first lesson normally starts in about 2 weeks thereafter.

      Thank you.

  43. Hi sam here,i have just passed my BTT and obtained my PDL, just to check, on average how many lessons are there a week ?
    Lastly, is it possible for me to get my licence before i enlist in April?
    Im interested in manual Class 3 at Ubi Comfort delgro

    • Hi Sam,

      Happy New Year!
      Thank you for your message.

      We have class 3 instructors available to teach at CDC. The number of bookings per week would depend on both student and instructor availability.

      If you are keen to know more, you can register via http://www.privatedrivinginstructors.com and I will be able to assist you. Thank you, Aly πŸ™‚

  44. Hi i just got my btt and pdl.May i know what are your rates as of now for class 3 manualand auto? Thanks

  45. Xunda Mike Zhang

    Hi i am looking for manual private instructor for bbdc, will there be pick up around circle line around from harbourfront to bishan? and the rates thank you.

    • Hi,
      majority of not all private instructors do not offer pick up services. You will have to go down to the driving school vicinity to learn your driving. This is to facilitate ease of lessons for other students. The rates can be found in our “Rates” page. Do take a look

  46. Hi. Can I check if there is manual instructor available for BBDC during weekends? And is there minimum number of lessons for first time learner? Thanks.

    • Hi Jin long, There are no minimum number of lessons for first time learners. Thats the great thing about private learning. If you are really confident in your skills and your instructor also sees that, you can progress really quickly.

      Im afraid there is no manual instructors availale during weekends, usually the weekend slots are very high in demand and securing a slot is very difficult. I would recommend trying to go for weekdays instead.

  47. Hi, me and my wife had pass our ftt. Can we book TP on the nearest date ? According to the BBDC WEB, the latest is 22 feb. Now till 22nd we are able to go for the lesson regularly as we flexible in timing.

  48. Hi I am looking for a teacher at hougang and I am planning to take at lease a lesson everyday toll the end of March do you have any instructors that is able to fit my timing. (CDC)

  49. Hi

    Would you accept students who are registered at CDC already? I am learning from the school but lessons are hard to book.

  50. Hi, may i know if the rates now is still the same for class 3?

  51. Hi,
    I was wondering what is the normal wait time to get an instructor for weekends for 3A. I am from Clementi.
    Also if it’s possible to book even before I have the PDL in hand?(obviously I will take lessons only after I have the PDL)

  52. Hi,
    i have registered but yet to pay the enrollment fee, just want to clarify how soon can i start my first lesson? i can only do morning session till afternoon (before 4pm latest) due to work constraint, i am staying at bukit batok and as far as i know, there’s a few instructors around gombak area? i can understand basic mandarin but english speaking instructor will be a bonus for me, please check my record and would like to start as soon as possible.

    • Hi Abid,

      Thank you for your registration. We spoke earlier this morning.
      The instructor assigned speaks fluent English and can teach Off Peak hours before 4pm. πŸ™‚

      All the best for TP!

  53. Hi, I live in Sengkang area. may I know the rates for class 3 (Weekdays & Weekends)

    • Hi Vish,

      Thank you for your message.

      We have instructors available to teach Class 3 at CDC Ubi. Pick up will be at MRT stations nearer to the driving centre. This is to make it more costs effective for students. Instructors will bring students along the various test routes.

      If you are keen and would like to know the costs and pick up locations, please register via http://www.privatedrivinginstructors.com.
      We will be able to assist you from thereon.

      Thank you. πŸ™‚

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