Locations of our Private Driving Lessons

In order to facilitate our lessons in a more professional fashion, Private driving Instructors Singapore lessons are situated near the 3 driving schools in Singapore. For more information on how to get to the meeting points for our private driving instructors, click on the respective locations to view the buses and directions on how to get there.

  1. Bukit Batok Driving School
  2. Singapore Safety Driving School
  3. Comfort Driving School




  1. Hi,i would like to enquire if I am taking a class 3A and private instructor to learn after 6pm, how much would it cost? How do I register and enrol for theory lesson? Are they included in ur charges?

    • We don’t have a fixed price because all private driving instructors charge differently but we can tell you based on youyr 3A instructor it will cost about 32-34 due to peak period. Do let us know as well when you sign up which school you would like to learn at. We do not have any theory lesson because you are learning privately and not from school. However we do have an application on the iOS App store which you can download. We have an up to date question bank of over 500 questions that the TP tests for the theory.

  2. Hi, I’m keen. Are there any Instructors available for practise on weekday mornings (btw 10am – 12pm). My tests would be at BBDC. I have PDL n BTT. Is it possible to get my Drivers Licence by May ?

    • Hello Natasha,
      it would not be possible to get your license by May to be honest as it is way too rush.
      Perhaps let us share with you the procedures, from now till may Traffic polices test would most likely be fully booked.
      Also your driving instructor will have other students also therefore you would not be able to accommodate your full schedule.

      On the side note, you would also need to clear circuit which has limited slots as well.

      Hope this paints a better picture for your understanding,
      Thank you!

  3. Hi, I would like to know your pick up and drop locations at the EAST.

    • Hi, As of now there is only one in the East located near the comfort driving centre or at eunos MRT.

  4. Bo Than Htike

    Dear Admin,

    I have Class 3C driving licence.Now i am trying to take practical driving test. Before test, i want to take some practical lessons. What i need to do and how can i do for that?

    • Hi,
      apologize but i don’t really understand. You mentioned you already have a class 3c driving license. but u are taking a practical driving test. So do you already have a license or not? If you do not have a license yet. How are you currently learning lessons. I will suggest going back to your original instructor.

  5. Hi, just checking will the school circuit be used for practice? And if yes, do we have to pay anything (eg. For use) on Top of the hourly fee to pay for the instructor?

    • Hi Tricia,
      The school circuit will be used for circuit practice only. this will usually involve 2-3 lessons. However in order for the private instructor to use the circuit. The instructor will have to pay for hourly usage of the circuit which costs will be handed to you.

      However the positive thing is most of your basic skills such as parking, 3 point turn will be learnt at a free location which the instructor will instruct you to drive. The circuit is just to familiarize yourself with the test circuit route.

  6. Just got my PDL. Am enrolled in SSDC but dont think i want to continue. Booking times are ridiculous. No pratical lessons to book yet. Was advise to deregister and enrol for private. Any instructors to take me on?? Any advise? Thanks

  7. The site form stated about instructor who mostly speaks mandarin. Are there any who speaks basic english?

  8. Hi I would like to take refresher course, just want to practice near my home area rather than go to the driving center . Is it ok?

    • Hi Yiqing,
      The refresher lessons will be at the pick up point which is usually near the driving centre. This is for the convenience of the instructor so that they can begin the next lesson for the student immediately after your lesson.

  9. I am interested to find out more on the available earliest schedule day? Can forward me the details?

    • Hi Qianglong,

      The earliest schedule day is dependent on the individual instructors. We do not run their schedule as they are privately run. We just help our instructors to get students and to help allocate them with more students. However, if you are looking for off peak lessons. The next available lessons should be within 1 week.

  10. i would seek enquiry on the following for Class 3A (Auto licence)
    1)I would like to know your pick up and drop locations at the North; Bishan.
    2)i would like to find a private instructor to learn after 6pm or weekend, how much would it cost?
    3)is there a contact nos for me to call?

  11. Hi I’ve already register. what if I’m only free on weekends for practical lessons? Is it possible?

  12. Hi may I know if you provide fetch and send services near queenstown?

  13. Hi, do you have the list of Class 3 private instructor teach at woodlands? Can you send me the link for list of instructor? Thank you.

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