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  1. Please do email me

  2. Muhamad Riduwan Raib

    Manual and pick up at sembawang mrt

    • Hello, thank you for your enquiry,
      we do have instructors that meet your requirement. Do sign up and we will refer you to one.

  3. Michaela wah

    Are instructors able to pick us up from home ?

    • So sorry but only a few instructors offer that service and if they do it is at a very high surcharge which is not recommended.

  4. Hi, I am wondering if it works for me because i’m working in shifts and my roster updated weekly.
    I have failed in 2014 currently renewing PDL and retaking FTT.

    P.S. I failed my due to less practice of reverse parking in circuit.

    • Hi Lia,
      Jonathan here, you can sign up with us and we will assign to you an instructor for refresher classes. They are more expensive but still cheaper than learning from school. they will focus on the points that you are lacking to help you to pass and also bring you to circuit for revision. Do note that circuit revision costs more because the private instructor has to rent the time slot with the school in order to use the circuit.

  5. Hi, I possess a class 3A driving license and wish to take manual, any idea how I go about with it?

  6. I have previously failed TP, now want to relearn again, Friend referred me to private driving Instructors Singapore !

  7. Ive failed tp, want to relearn and take again. Which option can i choose? Is there any contact number or location to enquirie more?

  8. Hi

    Need beginners class – auto …. I live in Simei

    Plz call me – 93274907


  9. Im currently enrol under bbdc. If I want to enrol with you should I cancel my school n enrol as private or should I cancel school n enrol with you. I passed my FTT in May last year and I have one more year to go. Will I be able to take my TP by then? My school member is going expire end of Apr, can I enrol with you and wait till it expire then I cancel. Let me know how should I go about it. Thanks.

    • Hello Aileen,

      It depends on where you would like to sign up, if you would like to sign up as a Private Student you do not need to wait for expiry.
      Also it would be too tight to have your test by May since that is only 2 months. An average student takes about 5-6 months and faster ones would take 4 months.
      Therefore you might have to renew.

  10. Chua sin chee

    Hi, when must pay $55 registration fee?
    I had bad experience that after paying asking me to wait 2 to 3 month then got instructor.

    Please advise…
    Thank you
    Chua sin chee

    • Hello Chua Sin Chee,
      Only after you register you are required to make a $55 registration fee, and no you do not need to wait for 2-3 months.
      Our instructor will be allocated to you within 2 working days and you can start to arrange an instructor who will be able to allocate you an available slot. Hope that answer your questions.

  11. Hi,

    I would like to check if you have an instructor who teaches auto 3A at SSDC? I will need to pass the test before 6 May 16 and I currently hold BTT and will be applying for FTT. Please let me know if you have an instructor possible to take weekdays after 6.30pm and weekends any timing?

    Thank you.


    • Hello Sean,
      We do not have instructors available that can enable you to pass within 2 months as it is too rush. As i understand from them that many students have TP daily and slots needs to be booked in advance of 6 weeks. Students will be recommended to take the test based on the instructors giving the green light after judging your driving during lessons. Based on my experience working with students, we would not be able to satisfy you needs in rushing a license as you would be over-writing the expertise of the private driving instructor. All the best in your learning journey πŸ™‚


  12. Hi,you have any instructor at bukit gombak mrt station?n may I know how we go about paying for ur 1st time registration fee?I got btt n FTT from bbdc n my membership there has expired so I can engage ur instructor now once I apply for my PDL rite?

    • Hello Aw,
      Yes you can apply for the PDL once you engaged with our instructor.

      To make payment for the driving and paying for the 1st time registration fee you can sign up here:

      To confirm, you would need your BTT and FTT. The Basic Theory Test (passed) has no expiry date. The Final Theory Test is valid for TWO years from the date you passed. Renewal of PDL can be done every 6 months at any Singapore Post Office, for a renewal fee of S$ 25.00.


  13. Hi,
    My FTT is scheduled on 14 June and I have already gotten my PDL. I plan to get my license by latest first week of September. Is it possible, will any driving instructor be willing to?

    • Hello JJ,

      its not really up to the instructor if you want to pass fast, driving is a learning journey that we highly recommend not to be rushed.
      As much as we would want to have more students gaining their license, we cannot make promises or guarantees on when you would be able to secure your license.
      I have seen students pass within 3months , it is not uncommon however most of them are having their school holidays and are consistent in taking their lessons as well as not repeat their same mistake.


  14. I have already sign up n make payment…so how?

  15. Hi, I’m enrolled under CDC and I just failed my practical test. I have a re-test coming up but there are no more slots for school lessons. Will you guys be able to take me as a student for 1-2 lessons before my practical test?

    • Hello, Sorry we are unable to accommodate such request. A school student with an upcoming test with school is not allowed to take classes with a private driving instructor. Under such law instructor would be suspended for 6 months. Do take note Jovan.
      All the best for your test !

  16. is there any tamil instructor available with class 3 manual??

  17. Tay Rong Hao, Timothy


    I have undergone auto driving lessons in Perth, WA 2 years ago, and would like to take up SG lessons to finish up and get licence here. Should I go for just the refresher course or do the course all over again? I have passed the Basic Theory and I have the L plate licence from traffic police.

    Thanks for clarifying in advance.

    • Hey Timothy, I would say the only barrier between you and your license would be the rules which you would need to learn to acquire your license as I believe you. An drive confidently.

      The other factors you would need to consider would be the rules such as
      -stopping at stop line
      -checking blind spot actively
      -merging lane to Signal

      So on and so forth, I would recommend you to apply for refresher instead.

  18. Lim Jin Liang

    Hi, do you have any peak hour instructors for bbdc around buona vista / queenstown area ?

    • Hi Jin Liang, we do not have any instructors for BBDC for peak hours for Auto. For manual we are able to have some students for peak hour.


  19. How much is the fee cost per/hr?

    • Hi Hanie,
      Our fee cost per hour varies depending on the transmission type and also the location where u learn from. For more information do visit our FAQ page or our FEES page.

  20. hi, i’m looking for a refresher lesson and i understand that it’s priced at $50-$60/lesson. do i have to pay the registration fees on top of the individual lessons for refresher course?

    • Hi Jennifer,
      Yes you will have to pay for the registration fee. This is a compulsary fee which you will have to pay whichever method you choose to learn from. The reason for the registration fee is to prevent students from hopping instructors as and when they feel like. In fact our registration fee is below the industry standard of $70-$180 dollars. Do let me know if you have any other questions

  21. Hi, do you have auto/eng speaking instructor near ubi? Thanks

  22. Urgent….. Im looking for an instructor who is available ASAP, Im have experience in driving for more than 10 years, revoke cases. therefore needs only a few lesson for manual class 3 only. Prefer at BBDC/bukit Gombak area. To Start Immediately… today 15/08/16 or the next day… Please call or msg 9863 8304 anytime.

    • Hi Idham. I understand that you are eager to get your lessons started. You will need to take refresher lessons in this case. Do note that it is highly unlikely that you can have your lessons about 2-3 days after the sign up. Most instructor’s schedules are high packed and you will need to book about 2 to 3 weeks in advance for lessons.

  23. Hi.. can i know at cdc is there any auto instructor speak english?

  24. Hello there.
    I would like to book private instructor for me..
    I stay at Jurong East..
    I am ssdc student and i failed my class 3 practical test for about 2 times and i gave up as a school student.
    So how do i start to register from you guys?
    What procedure i should prepare before i start practical lesson with you?
    I am not attend to ssdc anymore because it is too far from my house

    • Hi You can sign up at BBDC if you would like.
      i presume you still have a valid PDL for driving. We have available instructor but we would recommend you to take up the refresher lessons since you have some experience driving. If you do by the normal course the instructor will teach you from scratch.

      To sign up do check out our sign up page. you will need to make payment of $65 for a one time registration fee. After 2 days of processing we will then allocate you your instructor

  25. Hi I have yet to do my FTT, while waiting I would like to do my practical lessons (Auto). When can I start? I live closer to CDC. I need an English speaking instructor. How many lessons are there and how many can I take in a week or how long would it take to complete the whole lessons? as I would like to complete ASAP! Thanks.

    • Hi Girlish,

      Thank you for your message. We have English speaking instructors available for Auto drive at CDC.
      Most instructors are booked at least 2 weeks ahead by their current batch of students.
      An average student requires 20-25 sessions before they are ready for TP test.
      The frequency of sessions per week is dependent on the student’s physical/mental ability and subject to instructor availability.
      An average student usually takes 1-2 lessons per week.

      To start soon, register at and we will match an instructor for you within 2 working days.
      Thank you, Aly πŸ™‚


  26. Hey there

    I would like to start auto lessons in the east soon. I’ve just landed and I’ll be in SG for a couple of months.
    Do you reckon that could be arranged over the next week? I have my BTT, FTT and PDL done.

    Thanks Aly πŸ™‚

  27. Hi, can I book private driving instructor for driving lessons eventhough i’m enrolled in bbdc as a school student?

  28. Hi, can i book private driving instructor for driving lessons eventhough im enrolled in bbdc as school student?

  29. Hi,

    I wanted to sign up for a refresher course with an auto transmission and have a valid Singapore license. I wanted to enrol for 2-3 classes in the coming week. Is there availability for instructors? When is the earliest I can start? I live near Marine Parade.

    • Hi Sharmista. That is possibl;e but most instructors will need you take a minimum of 3 classes. For next week there could be possible slots available but most of which will be off peak period. You will need to go to the nearest driving centre to learn which is CDC. our instructors do not do pick ups. Do check the FAQ for more answers

  30. Hi

    I need an instructor for 3-5 lessons just to focus on parking. Are you able to assist?

  31. Hi I m looking for refresher lesson instructor (for auto, refresh my parking and driving on highway).
    I am staying at choa chu kang near yew tee mrt. how much will it cost and any minimum lesson required?

  32. hi,
    I refer to your above note of the following:
    -Refresher for Auto Class only available at Woodlands (SSDC)

    I’m interested for refresher course for Auto Class and staying at Bedok Reservoir. Please advise if there are available instructors for Eunos. Able to take refresher weekdays during non peak period. Thanks.

    • Hi Patricia,
      Thank you for your message, yes we have instructors available to teach Auto drive refresher students at either SSDC or BBDC. For CDC/Eunos MRT we have only Manual drive refresher instructors.
      For faster replies, please email
      Thank you, Aly πŸ™‚

  33. Hi,
    I am a new student have a PDL already and looking for instructor that teaches auto. May i know the rates and is there instructors around bishan/ang mo kio/yio chu kang area?

  34. Hi would I be able to get a slot for refresher driving lesson one week from noe if i register today.tks

  35. Hi, I just got my BTT passed. PDL is in my hand.
    But, i enrolled with BBDC. Now, changed mind to learn from the private Instr.
    Should i let BBDC know that i want to learn from private instructor or can straightway start learing from the private instructors.

    • yes. you need to inform BBDC that you are learning from a private instructor. however, you can sign up with us first and do that step when you are going for your first practical lesson with our private instructors.

  36. Hi, i just passed my BTT today and have PDL with me now. I enrolled with SSDC and i was shocked that their only available slots is only on Feb 2017 onwards. Kindly assist me on how or what to do if i want to change to private instructor. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.

    • Hi πŸ™‚

      Thank you for your message.

      To change from School practical to Private practical, you need only inform you school and cancel your registration as a School practical, this is to allow you to get back whatever monies you have inside your school account. You will need to pay $10.70 to the school to change your status as a Private practical candidate for TP.

      We will be able to assist you to start a first lesson in 2-3 weeks depending on both your schedule and the instructors. If you are very flexible, you are be able to get one in 2 weeks time.

      For sign ups, please register via and I will attend personally to your form.

      Thank you, Aly πŸ™‚

  37. Ram Mahalingam

    Hi, My PDL is valid 21/2/17. I have taken PT twice, but I have failed. So now I am looking smaller size Auto gear cars. Before taking PT i have to learn more in Circuits only. If you have suitable instructors pls. reply me.

    • Hi Ram,

      Thank you for your message.

      Instructors usually use Toyota Vios as the standard car for teaching.

      We have instructors available to teach you Auto drive at the 3 driving centres. For circuit training, instructors have to book a week ahead to get the time slots. It’s usually in the mornings.

      If you a re keen to know more, you can register via and I will assist you from there on.

      Thank you,
      Aly :)?

  38. Hi, I’d like to book an instructor for class 3 in peak periods. I’ve already pass BTT, FTT, and PDL acquired. Are there any available instructors for me?

    • Hi Nasir,

      Thank you for your message and full registration.

      We hope you will pass your TP soon!

      All the best and drive safe! πŸ™‚ Aly

  39. Muhammad Nasir Bin Kamsani

    What if I’m not allocated an instructor within promised time frame?

    • Hi Mr. Nasir,

      Thank you for your message.

      We received your registration but was not able to proceed fully as there was no payment received.

      To date, we have been able to fulfill our promise of reverting with an instructor within 2 working days for students whom have registered and paid the registration fees.

      We have sent you a SMS and will resend one shortly in case you missed the earlier one.

      Else you can always re register via I will attend to your registration. πŸ™‚

      Thank you, Aly πŸ™‚

  40. Hi There,

    I would like to book for an instructor for 3A lesson. I recently taken TP test and failed badly only on the circuit portion of the test hence if it is possible to request that the instructor would focus more on the circuit ?

    • Hi Vincent,

      Thank you for your message.
      Yes, you can request the instructor that you previously failed due to points deductions inside the circuit and would like to focus more on circuit training.

  41. Hi i am looking into taking refresher course. I got my license 10 years ago. Do you have pick up from bukit panjang? When is the soonest i can start?

  42. I did BTT and FTT at CDC but failed my TP test there. Can I do TP test at BBDC instead? If yes, what do I have to do? I hope to have an instructor with a low warm up fee

    • Hi Ben,

      Thank you for your message.
      Yes, you can choose to retake at BBDC.
      Warm up fees are typically quite minimal. For further info, you can login to to register and we will assist you from there on. Thank you.

  43. I have cleared my BTT and FTT is scheduled for next week.
    I will be applying for PDL in the month of Feb 2017.
    I plan to start my driving lessons beginning March 2017.
    I have been driving for 20+ years but am not able to convert my DL and need to complete the whole procedure.
    Please inform if it is possible to have daily classes ( 6:00 PM; BBDC; Manual -3)- English speaking instructor.

    • Hi SD,
      based on your requirements of having daily classes at 6pm it is quite unlikely. This is due to the large demand during on peak periods. If you want to have daily lessons i would recommend having lessons during off peak periods.

  44. Hi, like to enquire how likely is it to get a manual instructor during weekdays 6pm onwards/ weekend mornings? Also would learning, completing and then taking the TP test be faster if I have driven before in army? Thanks

    • Hi Matt,
      That is highly likely with our service. However in order to secure peak period lessons. We will highly recommend booking your lessons at least 3-5 weeks in advance. The peak period timings are usually high in demand and can get snapped up quickly.

      how fast you learn will be dependent on your driving skills. This means if you have some sort of prior experience this will help accelerate the process quicker.

  45. Do u do pick up at lavender MRT?

  46. I do not own a car. Do i have to provide car for refresher course?

  47. Tay Rong Hao, Timothy

    Hi Tim here. I need an newly available instructor for auto transmission classes.

    I have already signed up but my previous instructor isn’t available anymore due to his busy schedule.

    Preferably, he is available to do circuit training at comfort driving school at Ubi/ kaki Bukit area. Pls contact me asap to reorganise this.

    My contact details are below. Thanks.

  48. Hi,
    i would like to ask if i should register now and get a instructor. Im currently waiting for my btt and doing my final theory. should i go ahead and get my PDL? and if i were to register, i understand that you would assign an instructor by 1-2 days. i would like to know if you would assign only 1 instructor or a few that we could choose from? able to read review on the instructor?

    Hope to see your reply soon. Thank you

    • Hi Huda,

      Do you mean you have passed your BTT and have booked a date to take FTT?

      If you intend to learn driving, you should get your PDL ready. Yes, we are able to assign you an instructor within 2 working days.
      You can register via to know more πŸ™‚

      Thank you.

  49. Hi,
    i have got my PDL and registered through your website on last Saturday , may i know when an instructor will be assigned to me and how i will be notified ? Currently , im a student with SSDC
    do i need to inform school that i m going to switch to a private one ? how i do with the TP booking in future ?

    • Hi Jade,

      Thank you for your message.

      We tried tracing your registration record with yur email but was unsuccessful.
      For us to assist you promptly, kindly write to with the name and mobile number which you registered under.

      Thank you.

  50. Hi Admin, i am looking for refreshment course for manual car

  51. Hi there,
    Before I sign up I wanted to say that I need to complete as many lessons as possible in July, as my final Practical test is on 11th August. I’d need to do 9 two-hour classes. Pick up at Safety Driving School. Will this be possible?

  52. Hi, so do I need to enrol class 3 private at school (BBDC) or I can just enrol through this website ? I’m quite confuse. And let say if I have enrol class 3 private from school (BBDC), how do I get instructor from this website ? Need more explaination. Thanks.

  53. Hi, any available instructor for 3A?
    area- bbdc

  54. Hi, interested in Class 3, are there instructors in pasir ris area?

  55. Hi, are student drivers insured by motor insurance from your company or the instructors in case of car-accident during the driving lesson, like how BBDC and the other driving schools offer?

  56. Hi. Is there any instructors that can do pick up and drop off at Tampines? If there is, I would like to sign up.

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