Private Driving Instructors Singapore

Finally turned 18? Have that car at home that nobody drives? Just bought a new car? whatever reasons it is, i am sure you would like to 

Get your license quick and start on your driving lessons but you can’t decide whether to go by private driving instructors or by the driving schools

  Benefits of Learning through a Private Driving Instructor 

  •  Significantly cheaper lessons
    • Public Driving School rates are priced at about $54 dollars per hour however our Private driving instructor rates are priced at about from $32-$36 dollars per hour  (Savings in $26/hr Or $520 based on 20Lessons )
    • Check out our latest prices for lessons on how to drive by CLICKING HERE
  • Flexible Lessons that you can set with your instructor
    • Driving schools usual require you to stick to a specific timing and day every week
    • Private driving instructors allow you to settle for a time and day that is suitable according to your timetable
  • Dedicated one instructor to track your progress 
  • Able to use your Private driving instructor’s car for your practical test 
    • Studies have shown that those that use their instructors car have 80% higher chance of passing compared to those who use other cars which they are not familiar with.
  • Cheaper Registration fee @ $55 (Usual at least $70-$120)
  • Set as many lessons as you want per week  (subjected to instructor’s schedule)
  • NO Government Service Tax (GST) 
private driving instructors


 Why Us? 

Our private driving instructors are all certified instructors and have a well of experience under their belts. Some of the myths such as private driving instructors having low passing rates are attributed to the fact that many students choose to rush through the course without the instructor’s consent.
We always recommend listening to the instructor’s advice on when you are ready before you embark on your final traffic police test. With such cheap rates and great flexible timings, the use of private driving instructors is great especially for students, working parents as well as individuals who would like to get their driving licence quickly.
Also we understand that registration is $50 to even $100 outside , yeap $100 , that’s pretty much for a Compulsory registration fee in Singapore, thus we have decided to make the tertiary registration price of $55 a standard to all ages. Offering a Guranteed savings of $10 or your money back gurantee if you go through us instead of directly through the driving instructors. provides refresher coursesremedial courses as well as first time drivers with the training that is needed in order to pass your traffic police test.

 How Fast can I Get my License? 

The rate at which you can obtain your driving license is determined by the speed you are able to absorb during the lessons. Lessons are are normally divided into 3 different portions and can vary depending on your instructor. Twice a week would be a good start.
  • Basic training
  • Advanced driving
  • Circuit practice

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